Welcome To GlamifyMama


While www.Glamifysg.com is where I share my passion on beauty, the last few months have rather been an interesting experience away from makeup!

Finding out that we are expecting a bundle of joy estimated to make his debut on 1 Jan 2017 (or earlier) has been a roller coaster ride for myself and those around me.

I hope to share my experience of being a first-time mummy-to-be here at www.GlamifyMama.wordpress.com.  ** I am based in Singapore if you are curious 🙂 **

Every pregnancy is different and given that I have no previous experience being a mummy, I have turned to my OBGYN and of course the internet (with caution! haha) for advice.

Hope friends of this blog would be willing to share your knowledge with me and others as well. Sharing is much appreciated! hehe








  1. I am a first time mummy as well. My little one is six months old. If you need advice or have any questions I am glad to help. Be moderate with internet. hAha…it can drive you crazy sometimes and give you worries that are unnecessary. It is helpful though 😛


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