C-Section: What a wild ride. 

Oh Dear Child, 
You have no idea what I went through to bring you into our lives. 

The anxiety as they wheeled me into the operating theatre,

Waiting all alone for them to prep me. 

Oh Dear Child,

Scrubs, nurses scurrying around,

Asking me my name and allergy over and over again. 

They have to be sure, they have to be sure. 
Oh Dear Child, 

As the anesthetist turns me on my side,

Encouraging me to curl up into a ball,

I did my best to straighten up my spine 

For it will hurt if he got it wrong. 

Oh Dear Child, 

They forgot that my belly is round. 

There is only so much I can do. 

He asked me to keep still while he marked my spine.  

Every touch, every breath sent me into a fright. 

Waiting for that needle to enter,

I hate not being able to see. 
Oh Dear Child,

I jumped. I flinched. I wanted this to quickly end. 

I thought it was a needle. I was wrong. 

“Just a pen”, he said. 

It felt like it took all morning. 

Oh Dear Child, 

It finally went in. A short, sharp pain. 

A needle poking my back and numb I went. 

Then my spine twitched. 

I could feel the Doctor, messing with my spine. 

No pain, no pain. 

Oh Dear Child,

My left leg is crawling with ants. 

It’s slowly going numb. 

He says there is no more needles in my spine. 

I should relax and be fine. 

I can’t. I was going numb up to my chest. 

I couldn’t breath. I wanted to scream. 
Oh Dear Child, 

He injected antibiotics into my wrist. 

It burned like hell. I wanted to faint. 

I couldn’t stand it. I begged him to stop. 

I had to endure it. There was no way out. 

I had to endure, pain pain pain!

Oh Dear Child,

Curtains went up, Daddy came in. 

He sat by my side, holding my hand. 

Telling me how brave I was, 

Bringing into this world a little man. 
Oh Dear Child, 

Daddy says I had a panic attack. 

I couldn’t remember. 

Daddy felt safe to me. 

He was my comfort. 

Calm and collected he was. 

He was a good actor. 

Oh Dear Child, 

Doctor says he will make the first cut. 

There is still no pain. 

I feel his hands moving inside of me,

You were wriggling out of my belly. 

2 nurses and a doctor, pressed my tummy so hard. 

Forcing you out. 

Oh Dear Child,

All in all was 5 minutes tops, you were born. 

He held you over the curtain 

Like Simba, my pain all gone. 
Oh Dear Child, 

You send me into a roller coaster of emotions. 

You didn’t cry for a minute. 

I have never worried so much in my life before. 

I have never been so unsure. 

What would I do if I lost you?

Oh Dear Child, 

You screamed your little lungs out. 

You wanted to be heard.

I cried. So Relieved. 

Your daddy smiled and started taking pictures of you. 

A gentle nurse cleaned you up and put you in my arms. 

Daddy kissed you too. 

Oh Dear Child, 

You are beautiful. 

How did we ever make something so precious? 

You were inside me the whole time. 

Those kicks and punches. 

The hiccups that kept me up at night. 

And now you are here. 

In my arms, wanting snuggles and lots of warmth. 

Oh Dear Child,

Daddy went away with you to the nursery. 

To weigh and measure our beautiful baby. 

I was alone again with the doctors and nurses. 

He had to stitch me up. 

Half an hour of stitching and another half an hour of recovering. 

Oh Dear Child, 

We were once again back in our room, 

Surrounded by family. 

You were trying your best to suckle. 

You were so fragile. 

I underestimated you. You strong little man. 

Suckle suckle suckle, off you went. 

Oh Dear Child, 

Remember you are loved. 

Always and forever. 

With prayers and blessings,

From one and all. 

– GlamifyMama

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