Our Top 5 things from Pupsik Studio

*Reviews are done solely on my own and are not sponsored* 


If you are a parent or parent-to-be, shopping online will soon be your go to hobby. 

Trust me, between other mummies and I, the rate of our online shopping shoots up during our confinement and maternity leave. Hahaha oops! 

There are plenty of online shops in Singapore such as Agape Babies, Happie Diapers, Mothercare just to name a few. The site we personally head to for almost all of our needs is www.pupsikstudio.com

They have just about anything my hubby and I are looking for, coupled with great discounts for VIPS and delivery is fast! 

*We usually get 10% off for VIP members plus $10 off for $200 purchase and free delivery above $60* 

If you are heading down to see what’s the hype around Pupsik, do check out my top 5 items to grab while you shop ❤️❣️

1. Tula 

Yes yes yes, Tula is the one thing I recommend that every mummy should own because it is comfy for both wearer and baby. 
Have trouble with a cranky baby? Pop him in a Tula. 

Baby can’t sleep? Pop him in a Tula. 

Need some free hands while you go about your day? Pop him in a Tula. 

Want a fashion accessory to go with your outfit? Buy a few Tulas! Hahaha 😂😂🤣🤣

Pupsik gives good deals on Tula and carry the latest prints too. We love the Sidekick Coast Tula and enjoyed 10% off plus another $10 off! Hee steal! 

Daddy & baby bonding time with lots of kisses and smiles 

*accesories such as matching drool pads & heart shaped appliqués are hand made by Ayecansew

2. Ju-Ju-Be Diaper Bags

Just like the Tula, this has become part of mummy’s fashion wardrobe. Instead of loading up on tons of branded handbags, we end up stashing Jujube bags in all shapes and forms. 

The bags are well-thought off with mummy essentials like insulated bottle pockets, memory foam changing pad, machine washable with crumb drains for the pockets. And of course, you would need each bag in a different print. 😂🤣😃

I have a few JJB bags and I’m about to go crazy with the upcoming Sea Punk launch on 26 June! Thinking of getting a Be sporty, Be classy, Be set and a Be Quick! What will you be getting ? Hee 

Picture Credits to Happie Diapers Facebook post. 

If you are heading to the Pupsik Sea Punk Launch at Turf City on 26th, hope we can be friends! Waiting for the queue number gives us time to get to know more people who love Sea Punk just as much as me hee!  

Heard that it’s only for VVIPs since there were so many who signed up. Hoping that the queue won’t be too long… mummies like myself do need to pump and stay hydrated. 😜

3. Pupsik’s very own Beansprout Dreampillow 

We started out with 1 and 5 months later, we have accumulated 5 more hahaha that’s a total of 6 pillows for our 6th month old! 

Baby loves having the dreampillow on his belly or back imitates the warmth and slight pressure of our hands. Leaving him feeling secured and comforted. 

Here are some ways we have used it:

1. Over the belly while he is in the car seat 

2. Dreampillow to alleviate his ClevaMama Clevafoam Infant pillow (also on Pupsik). This reduced his gastric reflux greatly for the first 3 months. 

3. Over his belly (Dreamfoam Infant Pillow i.e. Donut shaped pillow to prevent flat head also from Pupsik) 

4. Under his thighs when he sleeps on his side 

He sure is lucky haha 

4. GB Pockit Stroller

Would love to get our hands on the GB POCKIT+ PLUS 2017 version someday because the one we currently have and LOVE! is the 2016 version that cannot recline. 

Light, easy and compact. Couldn’t find another stroller within that price range (considering our discounts from Pupsik!) that fits our needs like how this pockit does.


5. Swimtrainer Classic Red 

For babies who love swimming, you gotta have this. Our baby splashes around in the pool and  leans forward in the swim trainer to play with the water in front of him. 

Unlike other floats that has baby’s legs beneath him and straight down into the water, the swim trainer allows his legs to float freely behind his back which makes it easy for us to teach him how to kick! 

Give me a shoutout on my Facebook Page @GlamifyMama and there is also a copy of newborn list of “things to buy” there! 🙂 



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