My Lucky Win! : Jujube Sea Punk Be Rich from The Little Playroom


I’m sooooooo excited to have won a Be Rich wallet from The Little Playroom!!!!!  *jumps for Joy! *
I joined an Instagram contest and was hoping to get a Be Rich and next thing I knew, they announced I was a winner. Imagine how estatic I was considering I have been on a Sea Punk crazy weekend when it launched last week in Singapore haha 

Like a little girl on Christmas Morning or my birthday haha 
Jujube has 2 types of wallets in their collection: Be Rich (a trifold wallet with snap closure) and Be Spendy (a zipper wallet with d-ring hooks) 
I thought I already loved the front of the wallet……

And then I turned it around …… hello! Kai ju & Mozzarella! Plus the nemo looking mermicano and palette too! 

Nothing gave me a shock as much as when I opened the wallet… (my ppp is the Twin mermaids, Kaiju & Donutella too!) 


Super fainted! Hahaa

It fits in 18 cards so for someone like me who carries a bunch of cards, this wallet is for u! 
Bank cards to one side, frequently used cards to another and less often cards in the centre. 

There is also 2 pockets for notes; one is slightly more spacious than the other.
This is the more spacious side. 

And the other slot for notes 🙂 

There is also a zipper pocket on the outside for your coins 🙂 

Loving my new wallet! Hee 
Thank you so much The Little Playroom! 


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