Pupsik x Jujube x Sea Punk: Trunk Show, Price List & Restocking Update!



**This is a sponsored post by my dear husband who spent $$ just to make his wife happy with Sea Punk ** :p #happywifehappylife

I had an AMAZING! time at the Pupsik trunk show on 26 June where they launched the Jujube x Tokidoki Sea Punk collection!

The excitement mounts as the day draws nearer and I think my hubby had to endure so many conversations about Sea Punk that I am impressed he knows what a PPP is and even helped me pick my Twin Mermaid & Vain Mermaid PPP haha

Some of my Sea Punk collection!
<for information on the restocking in mid-July, scroll to the end 🙂 >


Blessed to have hubby score VVIP tickets to the trunk show and Su Ling and her Pupsik team did an exceptional job at crowd management too.


We were to go in by batches and the batch number would be called at random. This is the crowd building up at the Grandstand an hour before the trunk show starts!


Our batch number was the first to be called and we were also the first ones through the door! This is us registering at the counter before we were allowed to pick our items and pay up.

There were different types of bags on display to entice us to make more purchases too haha

Hubby had to remind me to calm down on numerous occasions because it was hard to contain myself haha

Like a little girl in a candy store haha

We then proceeded down to the counters to pick our bags and I’m #1 in line.


Once we picked and paid for our items, we took a snap at the photo booth! Our cute cashier was Su Ling’s daughter haha




It was a memorable and fun day at the event for sure.


For more pictures & review of my purchases, please click the links below:


Be Prepared, Be Sporty & Be Classy 

Be Quick, Be Set, Be Organized & Be Ready

Minibe, Be Light & Hobobe

Pacipod, Coin Purse & Be Charged



Restocking Updates, courtesy of Su Ling – Pupsik Studios


  • Restocking expected to be Third week of July should there be no delays in shipment.
  • Pupsik will fulfill all pre-orders from the trunk show as well as online pre-orders prior to releasing available stock during July restocking. (yay to all those mummies who pre-ordered!)
  • There will most probably be Minibes, Fuel Cells, Be Classy, BFFs, Be Rich and Itty Bitty Be during the restocking.


Just in case mummies need a refresher on how much to budget for the July restocking, here are the prices 🙂


Be Prepared – SGD 299

B.F.F. / Be Classy – SGD 219

Be Sporty / Be Right Back – SGD 199

Hobobe – SGD 189

Super Star – SGD 139

Starlet – SGD 129

Minibe – SGD 115

Superbe – SGD 99

Be Set – SGD 85

Be Rich/ Be Spendy / Be Light – SGD 80

Be Organized / Be Ready – SGD 65

Megatech – SGD 59.90

Itty Bitty Be – SGD 55

Be Quick / Fuel Cell – SGD 50

Microtech – SGD 49.90

Messenger Strap – SGD 40

Pacipod / Be Neat / Changing Pad Memory Foam / Be Charged – SGD 35

Be Tagged – SGD 20

Coin Purse – SGD 9.90







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