Jujube x Sea Punk Tokidoki Collection: Be Prepared, Be Sporty & Be Classy



Have you checked out my previous post on the Pupsik Sea Punk Trunk show yet?


Click on the link to find out more on  pricing for each bag as well as a restocking for Sea Punk at the end of July!



Also, if you want to check the other bags out, do click on the following links:


Be Quick, Be Set, Be Organized & Be Ready

Minibe, Be Light & Hobobe

Pacipod, Coin Purse & Be Charged


Here are the big bags in my collection..
#1 Be Prepared

The biggest diaper bag I have ever owned. Very roomy and spacious. Great for carrying clothes, pumps and storage bottles. I do shuttle between 2 houses during the week so this is extremely helpful when packing for a weekend trip.


Mommy pocket is huge!! And I reckon having the gussets in the mommy pocket as well as the main pocket really helps from having everything spill out.

Main pocket opens up wide with internal organization.

You can carry this tote style or messenger style with a strap included.


Large snap pockets on each side where you can put the change pad or documents.


4 metal feet at the base too.



#2 Be Sporty

One of the hardest to get your hands on is the Be Sporty. It sold out so fast! And even on BST groups, you can barely find anyone selling it.


The Sea Punk design looks so great with the Be Sporty and this is my favorite bag out of the whole collection.
Spacious and wider than a BRB and less structured too. It can hold a lot more than you think and the seat belt straps are comfortable for me.
There is a little side slit pocket which is so convenient when you wanna reach behind your back to grab keys etc.

Simple and spacious mommy pocket that can hold a Be Rich with extra space.

You can easily fit a fuel cell and a quick in there.


It comes with a messenger seat belt strap too which I hook on my Be Quick instead.




#3 Be Classy

While this isn’t a popular bag compared to the hobobies and quicks, I absolutely adore my Be Classy. It’s chic and work appropriate too.


It may be a little heavier due to its structure but I don’t see this as an issue if you are used to carrying leather handbags which weigh about the same.
Great for documents and it’s the improved version of the Better Be which I totally wasted my money on. The Better Be does not close properly if the bag is filled up as the magnet is not strong enough to hold the flap down. So definitely pick the Be Classy instead!

I love taking my Be Classy to work and it can even contain my 15 inch bulkty laptop.


Huge space with internal organization.


Loving the mummy pocket here. Tons of room.


Be Classy as a messenger, tote and short messenger strap


What can go in a Be Classy: A fuel cell, a laptop, medela swing maxi pump, bottles, flanges and water bottle



For comparison purposes, here are the 3 change pads side by side.



Glamify Mama

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