Jujube x Sea Punk Tokidoki Collection: Be Quick, Be Set, Be Organized & Be Ready



Have you checked out my previous post on the Pupsik Sea Punk Trunk show yet?


Click on the link to find out more on  pricing for each bag as well as a restocking for Sea Punk at the end of July!



Also, if you want to check the other bags out, do click on the following links:


Be Prepared, Be Sporty & Be Classy 

Minibe, Be Light & Hobobe

Pacipod, Coin Purse & Be Charged


On to the smaller bags…..


#1 Be Quick 


This is like one of the first few things any one new to JJB should own. You can use in a lot of different ways and my preference is to use it as a sling bag which is enough to fit in a Be Spendy/Rich, an Iphone 6 Plus, 2 Autumm standard neck bottles and keys.


The other alternative way I use it would be as a diaper changing bag. One baby romper, 2 diapers, wet wipes, diaper cream and some plastic bags. A Hobobe or Be Sporty thin changing pad would also fit right in.


My Quick with the Be Sporty messenger strap. Thank you hubby for spotting this PPP for me. Totally love the twins on the side.





#2 Be Set

Another cult favorite is the Be Set which consist of a small piece, a medium longish piece and a large set piece. It also comes with a matching short strap for wristlet length as well as a cross body long strap.
The large set piece is slightly smaller than a Be Quick.



You could add O-rings like I have to hook the medium set to the large set for a bigger sling bag. These are great for internal organization especially for bags like the Be Light or Be Sporty.



#3 Be Organised


Similar to the Be Set, Be Organized helps you keep some order in your bags. I love the Be Organised for clothes. The large piece are for my change of clothes and the medium piece can fit 6 rolled up rompers for my son.


The smaller piece is used for keep cables and earphones neat.




#4 Be Ready

While you can use this as a makeup bag, I personally like to use this as a pump bag. It fits the Medela swing maxi and flanges nicely too!


Given that the top and bottom pieces are hard and will keep its shape, I kept a DJI Spark drone in here haha  (in case you ladies need to convince your husbands that a Be Ready purchase is justifiable 😡 )



Comes with a handy dandy handle hee

Mesh Pockets on the side and stretch bands on the left side for cables or makeup brushes.



Glamify Mama


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