Jujube x Sea Punk Tokidoki Collection: Minibe, Be Light & Hobobe



Have you checked out my previous post on the Pupsik Sea Punk Trunk show yet?


Click on the link to find out moreon  pricing for each bag as well as a restocking for Sea Punk at the end of July!



Also, if you want to check the other bags out, do click on the following links:


Be Prepared, Be Sporty & Be Classy 

Be Quick, Be Set, Be Organized & Be Ready

Pacipod, Coin Purse & Be Charged


Below are bags which I would categorize under medium size 🙂

#1. Minibe

I personally wouldn’t use this without my son because it looks a little childish for me. However, it’s a perfect bag for my 6 month old’s needs when we go out.

Small and compact, its lightweight and durable too. It’s design is very simple with no internal organization so you can manage it on your own with a quick or be set pieces.

My mom loves the Minibe and it can fit a large set piece which has our diaper needs plus Hegen bottles for a short outing.


A simple big flap for mummy’s wallet or cellphone.


Nice to have the zippers open up all the way so you can have easy access.


Foam back support and shoulder pads and also side pockets for water bottles


With my fav S’well bottle!



#2 Be Light 

You know when mummies pull out a bag from their handbag should there be a need for extra storage? This is one of THOSE bags haha


I keep a Be Light in my handbag whenever I go shopping as it can be easily folded or rolled up and it is extremely light weight as its name suggests.



Waiting for the hubby to come back to help me add D-Rings and a seat belt strap so that I can also use this messenger style.



The amount of stuff you can fit in there is surprising haha


There are two pockets in front as well that are narrow and deep.



#3 Hobobe 


My very first HBB and I love it! Thanks to a kind mummy who let me have my PPP which is at the back haha It doesn’t matter if I use the bag the opposite direction because there is also a snap pocket for my mobile phone.


It reminds me of a minibe size but in landscape orientation haha






2 side slots for water bottles




Snap Pocket in the back for change pad (non-foam)


Mommy zipper pocket in the front with a smaller zipper at the top for mobile phone/sunglasses



Zipper & mesh pockets on the inside too!






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