Jujube x Sea Punk Tokidoki Collection: Pacipod, Coin Purse & Be Charged



Have you checked out my previous post on the Pupsik Sea Punk Trunk show yet?


Click on the link to find out more on  pricing for each bag as well as a restocking for Sea Punk at the end of July!



Also, if you want to check the other bags out, do click on the following links:


Be Prepared, Be Sporty & Be Classy 

Be Quick, Be Set, Be Organized & Be Ready

Minibe, Be Light & Hobobe



Here are the smallest items in the collection:


#1 Pacipod


I keep my eczema cream and plasters in the pacipod which makes it easy for me to hook it on any bag I use for that day! Technically they are for pacifiers but I reckon, using it for medical supplies or things you would need to bring with you all the time is more appropriate for it.


I love purple and I love octopus so hey!!~~ pp right here!




#2 Coin Purse

Another item which I do not use as it was intended haha


No coins in here for sure but only cards, vouchers and misc. documentation.

Sandy, Palette fans where you at!?



#3 Be Charged

Totally didn’t expect this PP! When choosing the Be Charged, one side was this green Mermicono with the cute seahorse and the other side was covered by the huge JJB tag.


Only when I remove the plastic at home was I totally shocked to see my PPP vanity mermaid on it!



Glamify Mama

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