Review: Oribel Cocoon Delicious 3 Stage High Chair x Pupsik Studio

Hi Everyone!

My name is Adam and I am 13 months old.


Don’t mind me and my trusty swim diaper  in the pic above


I love walking around (assisted haha) … and its really difficult to have me sit in a high chair for long.. even if its for a 15 minute meal! This is my portable high chair cover from Pupsik



Mummy has many packages delivered everyday.. mostly Jujube, Tula and Pupsik orders… usually it does not interest me much… but this big box that the delivery uncle brought today has got my attention… Shall we open it up?!?!



Oh…… 😛 The nice people of Oribel and Pupsik made my mum and I very very excited because they sent over their new Oribel Cocoon Delicious 3 Stage High Chair in Pistachio Macaron for me to try out!

It comes in a compact box with different parts to assemble… don’t you worry! Mummy fixed it herself without anyone’s help .. so it is really really really easy to do hehe




Mummy says it can recline into 3 positions starting with upright and the maximum being me laying down and admiring the sky.




There is also multiple height positions in case mummy wants to feed me while she’s on the sofa or at the dining table like a big boy!



I love the color.. don’t you? Sea-Foam green with white brackets make it a nice addition to our home. So calm and relaxing for the eyes.


It comes with an ergonomic magnetic tray as well as a drinks holder.. but of course, I use it mainly like a drum so mummy decided to remove it while I eat.



The cocoon chair also comes with 2 front wheels which makes it really easy for mummy or daddy to fold the chair and roll it away into a corner when I am not using it.



Our doctor says that for a baby my age..  I am tall and fluffy so I fill up the chair very well. The chair still has lots of room for me to grow into! Grandma says buying a chair that can grow with me through the years is a good deal. Haha



I had my lunch in the Cocoon… I had my dinner in the Cocoon… I wanted to continue watching Baby Shark and High 5 in the Cocoon.. I think I am beginning to love this more and more!


I usually end up sweating in high chairs because the backing is not breathable and it makes my back all sticky. However, the aunties and uncles are Oribel surely thought about it because the foam pad seat is not only waterproof and easy to clean, it is also extremely comfortable to sit for long periods of time!



Remember to head down to my fav fav fav baby store, Pupsik to get your own Cocoon ok!?!? Yes I am talking about you!!!



Do us a favour and click on either of the links below to find out more about the Cocoon, pretty please.

Love Oribel




There are 3 colors to choose from and there is even a 10% discount for Pupsik VIPS. The Cocoon Delicious range retails for SGD 299.


*And daddy added… because you know… he shops a lot for me on Pupsik… use the code TAKE10 and you will be able to get an additional $10 off every $200 spent.

You could also get your chair from Oribel itself! Just click on this link…


Thank you for hearing me out *xoxo*



Your Cutie,


Instagram: @glamifymama

Instagram: @loveoribel

Instagram: @pupsik_mom


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